Cut - ashtrays
- ash -
Embellished with the most fascinating elements of the Native American iconography,
these ashtrays are original creations from a young French designer, using simple lines and sharp colours
Made of Fine Bone China 
Totem ashtray
The TOTEM logo is highly symbolic: crossed arrows mean friendship, the eagles represent honesty, power and freedom; the sun stands for happiness, and the eagles’ feathers symbolise the Chief of a tribe, while the tobacco leaves form a crown.
RSP: HK$ 980
Totem ashtray - Feathered Serpent
A mythological figure also known as the ‘Quetzacoatl’ deity in Mesoamerican culture, it is the god of wind and rain, the creator of the world and mankind. Later on, he was considered as the god of learning, science, agriculture, craft and the arts.
RSP: HK$ 980
Totem ashtray - Thunderbird
A legendary creature, symbol of protection, strength, indomitable spirit and unlimited happiness. Some tribes considered it as a solar animal that controlled day and night by opening and closing its eyes; who would cause thunder by beating its wings. 
RSP: HK$ 980
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